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About Us

EventJAR is a cultural and entertainment event search engine. By advertising on EventJAR you reach a very targeted audience. It's affordable, fully automated, quick, and easy to use. The advertising model is designed especially for businesses like yours on a conservative budget. Check out the details below and start receiving the following benefits:

  • generate more visitors to your web site.
  • create stronger brand identity for your business.
  • promote your on-line presence.
  • improve your name recognition.
  • announce time-sensitive events or shows.


Banner, Half Banner, and Button Ads provide a visible way to advertise your location, show, product, or service on the Internet. The ads are static rectangular shaped images that are linked to your organization's web site. Ads with animation are not supported.

Small Skyscraper Ads are smaller and more square than Banner Ads. This ad type provide a very effective way to advertise. The ads are static images that are linked to your organization's web site. Small Skyscraper ads with animation are not supported.

Text Box Ads are an alternative to the Small Skyscraper Ads that do not require any images. The ads are a few short lines of text with a link to your organization's web site.

Ad Size Chart
(sample ads)
Type Ad Size File Size
Banner 468 x 60 pixels under 10k bytes
Half Banner 234 x 60 pixels under 5k bytes
Button 120 x 60 pixels under 5k bytes
Small Skyscraper 120 x 150 pixels under 10k bytes
Text Box 30char/5Lines --


Ads are placed at the top, right-hand or left-hand side of most pages, and at the bottom of search result lists. Placement is based on the type of ad.

Ad Placement Chart
Type Location
Banner Top of web pages
Half Banner Bottom of search result lists
Button Top of web pages
Small Skyscraper Right-hand or left-hand side
of most pages
Text Box Right-hand or left-hand side
of most pages


All ad impressions scheduled for display on EventJAR are shown in random rotation in the specific ad placement location for the ad type of your campaign.


EventJAR allows you to monitor the progress of your ad campaign from any standard web browser, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All advertisers are provided with a user name and password enabling you to view your ad's real-time statistics. You can access your ad traffic reports to verify the following items:

  • ad being shown.
  • campaign start date.
  • campaign end date.
  • total and daily number of impressions shown.
  • total and daily number of clicks on your ad.
  • your ad's click through rate.


With your advertiser's user name and password you are able to upload new ad images from any standard web browser, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


EventJAR is currently offering advertising rates under two pricing models: a cost per impression model and a flat rate model. (In the chart below, CPM refers to Cost Per Thousand Impressions.)

Ad Rate Chart
Type Rate Advertiser
Banner $20 CPM Commercial 5000/$100
Half Banner $20 CPM Commercial 5000/$100
Button $20 CPM Commercial 5000/$100
$20 CPM Commercial 5000/$100
$15/month Commercial
1000/m min.
6 months
Text Box $20 CPM Commercial 5000/$100
Text Box $15/month Commercial
1000/m min.
6 months

EventJAR guarantees the minimum number of impressions per month for flat rate campaigns. There is no limit on how many impressions your ad can get. All with no increase cost. Flat rate campaigns will be extended one month, for free, if the minimum monthly impression rate is not met.

If you need a custom ad designed, we can help. Ad creation fee is $50.00 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum charge.


Ad campaigns are scheduled to start on the 1st and 15th of each month. All images and payment must be received five days prior to campaign start date.


Advertiser agrees to provide all proprietary images to EventJAR. Advertiser assumes the responsibility and liability for all advertising including logos, illustrations, photographs, and images. Advertiser agrees to hold EventJAR harmless from all claims arising from advertisting.

EventJAR reserves the right to reject or revise any advertising that we find objectionable or is not keeping with our standards. If advertisting is rejected, the payment made by the advertiser will be refunded.

Frequency and flat rate discounts will be canceled if the Advertiser discontinues an Ad Campaign before its end date. The full rate will be billed on previously published Ads.

Getting Started

To submit an advertisement you first need to create an EventJAR account from the Sign In page. Then, after you sign in you will be able to submit advertisements and monitor your ad campaigns.

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